Friday, July 8, 2011

Dog Care - Preventing Your Dog From Food Poisoning

Preventing your dog from food poisoning is possible if you follow the proper dietary plans to feed your pet dog. You cannot protect your pet dog from the sudden calamities, but you can practice proper dog care to maintain its general well-being.

Many people keep dogs as pets as they act as companions during lonely times. A good relationship is easily made between a dog and its owner wherein the animal proves loyal. Hence, maintain a good and a long-term association with your pet dog and reduce the risk of being poisoned.

Usually, dogs have the habit to get into things and eat anything and everything that comes into their mouth. This way, they get prone to dangerous things that may get consumed indirectly. As a pet owner, it is your duty to ensure proper dog care by following the general good practices.

You can get adequate knowledge about the correct food-stuff for dogs that are healthy for consumption. For this, conduct a good online research from various pet care related websites. You can also take the advice from pet care professionals who provide dog care tips.

You must know that not all kinds of fruits are fit for dog’s consumption. There are various kinds of fruits like grapes and raisins that cause problems to the dogs. Sometimes, they face indigestion and toxic effects on the body like renal failure. Therefore, keep such kinds of fruits and similar food stuff away from your pet dogs.
Apart from food items like chocolates and sweets, alcohol is also unfit for dogs. In fact, it is very harmful that can lead to coma or even death of the animal.

Keep the medicine bottles away from the reach of puppy dogs. In case you have any items or utensils that have traces of harmful chemical like oil, kerosene or mosquito repellent, try to put them at a safe place. Make sure that your pet dogs don’t come in contact with it as they have the habit of getting into things whatever they see.

If you discover that your pet dog is suffering from upset stomach or is vomiting constantly, never neglect it. This may be due to ingestion of toxic substances or due to the consumption of unwanted elements.

Sometimes, serious things like digestive trouble may cause liver damage or kidney failure in dogs. Therefore, try to find out the root-cause of the dog’s changed or bad behavior, as chances of food-poisoning are likely to be there. These few pet care tips can help you to maintain dog health and hygiene.