Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Essential Cat Care Tips

Cats are probably one of the most popular pets. They are believed to have been the first domesticated animal by the Egyptians and some evidence proves that they were part of Egyptian culture as early as 7500 BC.
  • Affectionate companions
    Procuring this pet for the first time comprises of several aspects rather than just picking one out. You need to consider your pet as a family member and develop a deep bond with it. The unique bonding between cats and humans is awesome and even more incredible to experience. Moreover, cat companionship is something you would never want to give up. They can be affectionate companions, although they may require some time to adjust being at your home. If you follow the basic cat care tips you can give your pet a healthy long life.

  • Provide proper diet
    To understand how we can take care of pets also involves feeding it a proper diet. In case of cats, they are obligate carnivores and can eat animals like rats and fish to maintain their long term well being. If left on its own, the cat can finds ways to survive.

  • Health tips
    One can maintain his/her cat overall healthy in two ways – scheduling the annual preventive visit with the veterinarian as well as performing daily home examination. Cat owners have at least one book on cat care that includes emergency aid. Home care is not appropriate in all cases of serious injury and illness. One must familiarize himself with emergency procedures before an emergency happens.

  • Veterinary advice
    Many common human drugs are poisonous to cats. Cats, especially indoor cats, are now living longer than they have in past years. There are so many advances in veterinary care that many cats which develop chronic health problems can be cured at home by periodic visits to a vet.

    Taking care of a cat requires a constant monitoring and regular veterinary check-ups. Choose a high quality nutritious food. All the above tips will help you in taking care of your cat.

  • Bathing your cat
    Best way to bath your cat is find an old window screen, keep it in the tub or sink, the cat will dig its claws into the screen and stay there entire time of bathing.

  • Important tip
    Invest in a scratching post that is 24 inches or 30 inches in height, but it should have a sturdy base. Cat may be using the arm of the sofa so that she can stretch higher than his scratching post will allow. Most of the ones you will find at the store are not so high, so you may need to visit a pet supply store.