Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Vaccination of Dogs

Dogs are loved by young and the old all alike. People show great enthusiasm while bringing home a cute puppy. But dog care is no child’s play. Negligence in dog care can cost a dog’s life. Most of the health problems that dogs face are due to lack of knowledge regarding dog vaccination. Recent research in the field of canine vaccines shows that even unnecessary vaccination can lead to dog health hazards. It is always better to consult an experienced vet regarding dog vaccines and follow the schedules for vaccination.

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) has provided Canine Vaccine Guidelines in 2006. These are considered as the standard recommendations in the field of dog health care.

Broadly speaking, dog vaccines are classified into two types viz. Core Canine Vaccinations and Non Core Canine Vaccinations. The former are the basic dog vaccines prescribed to all the dogs and the latter are the ones which are given only if the risk of infection in the dog is high.

Core Canine Vaccinations include canine distemper vaccine, canine rabies vaccine, canine parvovirus vaccine and canine adenovirus (CAV-2) vaccine. These are given to avoid diseases commonly found in dogs.

Leptospirosis vaccines, Lyme disease vaccine, Corona virus vaccine, Distemper-measles vaccine, Giardia Vaccine are a few Non-Core vaccines.

One should not experiment with the pet as far as possible. As for the dog vaccination at home, the entire procedure of mixing powder and liquid vials and injection should be learnt. The refrigeration of the vaccines is equally important for the effective dog health care.