Friday, September 3, 2010

Bird care tips

Like cats and dogs, birds also need company and affection from its caregiver. Therefore, you must give a considerable time for your birds; otherwise, you will find major behavioral changes, if abandoned for long hours by you. Below are given few bird care tips for you.

You should always try to keep the cage of your bird clean. When bird turns up its bowl of seeds and makes a mess with its droppings, you need to clean the place as early as possible. In reality, you are expected to clean cage on daily basis. Birds also need ultra violet rays of sun because rays help in absorption of calcium from food they eat.

Calcium makes the bird’s muscles toned as well as makes its bones strong and tough. Caged birds are denied of sunlight because most of the time they remain indoors. You are suggested to keep the cage near the window through which UV rays can come in. Or you can place the cage outside to ensure that the best possible exposure to sun rays is given. You are able to cover a part of the cage with a cloth so that if bird feels too cold, then it can cover itself with the cloth. The cage must be washed with disinfectants on daily basis. Leftover food of the bird must be removed every morning. If the perch of your bird is of wood, then you should clean it with sand paper.

You should cover the bottom part of the cage using newspaper so that, you are able to remove it regularly and replace it with fresh paper. Diet of the bird must include right amounts of vitamins as well as minerals. You can give food items, which are rich in Vitamin A such as squash, spinach corn, potato and carrot. Nuts also turn out to be a food variation for a bird. Grooming is one of the most significant bird care tips. Birds should be bathed and cleaned well at usual intervals. Grooming activities such as feather molting and preening are helpful to make your bird look healthy and attractive enough.