Friday, May 6, 2011

Types Of Rabbits Around The World

Rabbit breeds are beautiful creatures that are domesticated by many people. There are different types of rabbits that are kept as pets across the world by many pet owners. However, before making a decision to select a particular breed, it is essential to have sufficient information about various rabbit types and pet care related things.

Keep in mind that the different varieties of rabbits are usually created by means of selective breeding or through natural selection method. These are small sized mammals that come in family Leporidae and falls in the order Lagomorpha.

Basically, the male is termed as a buck whereas the female is called a doe. On the other hand, a young rabbit is referred as a kitten or kit. These creatures are found across the world and come in around eight different genera. Moreover, there are other species of rabbits as well that comprise the order Lagomorpha. For example: the ‘pikas’ and the ‘hares’. You can also take the help of breeds that are recognized by American Rabbit Breeders' Association (ARBA) or British Rabbit Council (The BRC). These organizations perform the task of visiting the exhibitions where different varieties of rabbits are displayed.

Most of the rabbit breeds exhibit unique characteristics and signs. You can easily recognize them from their physical appearance. For example, the Angora rabbit displays long and wooly hair which is somewhat similar to the Angora cat. On the other hand, the Rex rabbit exhibits short hair and soft velvet-like fur and the Dutch rabbit shows an exclusive color pattern similar to panda bear.

Having appropriate knowledge of different types of rabbits help pet owners where many breeds make great pets. However, it is important to consider factors like your financial capacity and the nature of different rabbit types that will suit your needs.

Selection of rabbit breed also involves factors like the size and weight of the animal. You should give proper attention to the individual personality of a particular rabbit breed before making the final decision. Handling a huge sized animal becomes a difficult task. If you are looking for a tiny creature, make a proper survey to get information about the availability of such kinds of rabbit breeds.

It is always a fun to watch the behavior of rabbits. Some breeds are relaxed while some are more curious and excitable creatures. Let them relax in their community, underground burrows, or rabbit holes as it ensures their proper and wholesome development.