Monday, October 10, 2011

Type of Fresh Water Fish Breeds

Many people like to keep different varieties of fishes in an aquarium to decorate their living room. A freshwater fish breed is one such breed which is popular among many pet lovers for its unique characteristics. A good research helps to select the desired variety of fishes along with other articles like corals, shells and aquatic plants that are put to use by the pet owners to decorate their aquarium.

Internet is one of the best informative resources that provide plenty of information on a variety of fishes that can be kept as pets at homes. Enthusiast pet owners can refer to the websites that provide useful information on different types of fishes that are found in fresh water as well as salt water.

Among the different varieties of freshwater fishes, the most common fish breeds are: Algae Eaters, Bullheads, Carps, Goldfish Salmon, etc. Besides these varieties, you can also make use of the online tips and information on how to take care of different types of fishes, how to select them and how to make them comfortable in a fish tank environment.

Tips for Fish Care
• A proper selection of fish breeds is essential, regarding which you should acquire sufficient knowledge by reading plenty of literature.
• Chose a fish tank of appropriate size that fits into a suitable corner of your living room.
• Keep the aquarium clean and tidy and remove obstacles like any sort of ornaments plants that may reduce space and obstruct the free-living of the tiny and delicate creatures.
• Change the fish tank water regularly; remove the excreta and excess food that gets saturated at the sand level.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Healthy tips for pet care

Healthy tips for pet care helps the pet owners to take proper care of the living creatures. As they are dependent on the pet owner for their well-being, they can make use of pet health care tips.
Before making a decision to bring home a pet, a good research is required. An enthusiast can do it by referring to a variety of resources like pet care related websites on the internet or by reading books and magazines on how to care for different types of pets.

Benefits of Pet care tips

Tips on how to care about pets, helps a person to take good care of the animals that become almost like another family member and completely depend on their master for their daily needs. From day one till the pet grows old, it is the responsibility of the pet owner to take full responsibility for the well being of the pet. This involves ensuring the correct growth and healthy development of the animal, timely medical check-ups, vaccination and proper treatment in case of illness and injury.

As many birds and animals are delicate in nature, they require special attention and treatment. Their needs must be satisfied to ensure their correct growth which is possible by means of good and healthy nourishment. It is possible if the pet owner acquires sufficient knowledge by doing plenty of reading on literature on how to do proper care of pets.

What Does Caring for Pets Involve?
Caring for pets involves many things. Some of the most common things are as follows:
• A healthy and balanced diet on regular basis
• Timely medical check-up
• Management of finances for the medical treatment in case of sudden injury due to an accident or due to severe illness

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pet Care: How to care your pets at home

Many people like to have pets at their homes as a hobby. Commonly, animals like cats, dogs, fishes, horses and birds like parrot, pigeon and ducks are kept as pets by many enthusiasts. However, it is not easy to take care of pets as their basic needs require special attention. For proper pet care, pet owners can sensibly implement pet care tips and maintain a good and a long term association with their beloved pets.

Generally, pet care is handled by the pet owners by following the guidelines suggested by the experts at pet care clinics or pet care salons. Apart from this, plenty of useful information available on internet also proves helpful. It gives an insight to the responsibilities of a pet owner that helps them to build a lifetime with their pets.

To know about how to care about your pets at home, you need to have a sensible approach. A good understanding of the needs of pet animals and birds is essential. For this, you need to gather correct information about the type of creature that you want to keep at your home. Conduct a good research by using various sources like internet and read authentic information from pet care related books and magazines.

Awareness about minute details like the general behavior of pet animals and birds helps to understand their behavioral patterns. Especially, when a creature behaves in a suspicious way during a prolonged illness or when the animal meets with an accident and gets injured.

It is important to give homely treatment to the pet animal. Treat the creature like a member of your family and give love, care and attention in equal quantities. Never try to ignore the troubles faced by a new entrant with respect to the already existing pets. Besides this, regularly and timely carry out vaccination of your beloved pet to maintain general well-being.

Right from the time when you bring a pet to your home, take utmost care to make it friendly with your home surroundings. Introduce it with your family members, friends and neighbors as well. Though it takes times, it is possible to do so in a couple of days. Pay proper attention to the food and medical requirement of the creature. Allocate ample time to socialize the pet, to make arrangements for their play time and correctly train them for spraying.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Baby Pigeon Care

Baby pigeon care and their development need special attention. It is not an easy job as pigeons are delicate creatures. However, many people love them and like to keep them as pets, as pigeons can be domesticated.
Pet owners who posses pigeons must take adequate measures to ensure their general well-being. When the pigeons lay eggs, it is the duty of the pet owner to take proper measures for their safety and normal growth.
You can collect all the necessary items that has you will need for pigeon care to nurture the baby pigeons. For example, a comfortable nest or cage arrangement, feeding syringe, a small piece of cloth that can be used to wrap the baby pigeon.
The moment your pet pigeons lay eggs, you can arrange things by buying them from pet care stores. They also provide the desired food for the baby pigeons which can be purchased well in advance.
Ensure the formula of the baby pigeon food, so that you can feed the baby bird with the help of a syringe when the eggs hatch. Before feeding the baby pigeon, make use of the instructions given on the packet or bottle of the pigeon food. Mix up the baby bird formula accordingly with slight warm water and feed it to the young ones. Bear in mind that the water should not be too hot.
Many times, the tiny creatures may not respond as they won’t understand what you are going to do with them. You can gently take them in your palm and wrap the baby pigeon in a clean and soft towel. Hold the baby pigeon firmly and make sure that you are not going to cause any harm to it.
Try to open the pigeon’s beak by pinching the sides gently. Insert the tip of the feeding syringe and press the inner food material slowly bit by bit. Initially, the baby pigeon may not respond, but as it gets used to your touch it will respond gradually. At times, the pigeon may eat or sometimes, it may even refuse to do so.
Remember that pigeons are exotic birds that can thrive in every surrounding. Be it the concrete environment of a metro city or the wild surroundings of forests. Pigeons are seen everywhere as they are adaptable in nature and baby pigeon care is easily managed by the elder pigeons as well.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Dog Care - Preventing Your Dog From Food Poisoning

Preventing your dog from food poisoning is possible if you follow the proper dietary plans to feed your pet dog. You cannot protect your pet dog from the sudden calamities, but you can practice proper dog care to maintain its general well-being.

Many people keep dogs as pets as they act as companions during lonely times. A good relationship is easily made between a dog and its owner wherein the animal proves loyal. Hence, maintain a good and a long-term association with your pet dog and reduce the risk of being poisoned.

Usually, dogs have the habit to get into things and eat anything and everything that comes into their mouth. This way, they get prone to dangerous things that may get consumed indirectly. As a pet owner, it is your duty to ensure proper dog care by following the general good practices.

You can get adequate knowledge about the correct food-stuff for dogs that are healthy for consumption. For this, conduct a good online research from various pet care related websites. You can also take the advice from pet care professionals who provide dog care tips.

You must know that not all kinds of fruits are fit for dog’s consumption. There are various kinds of fruits like grapes and raisins that cause problems to the dogs. Sometimes, they face indigestion and toxic effects on the body like renal failure. Therefore, keep such kinds of fruits and similar food stuff away from your pet dogs.
Apart from food items like chocolates and sweets, alcohol is also unfit for dogs. In fact, it is very harmful that can lead to coma or even death of the animal.

Keep the medicine bottles away from the reach of puppy dogs. In case you have any items or utensils that have traces of harmful chemical like oil, kerosene or mosquito repellent, try to put them at a safe place. Make sure that your pet dogs don’t come in contact with it as they have the habit of getting into things whatever they see.

If you discover that your pet dog is suffering from upset stomach or is vomiting constantly, never neglect it. This may be due to ingestion of toxic substances or due to the consumption of unwanted elements.

Sometimes, serious things like digestive trouble may cause liver damage or kidney failure in dogs. Therefore, try to find out the root-cause of the dog’s changed or bad behavior, as chances of food-poisoning are likely to be there. These few pet care tips can help you to maintain dog health and hygiene.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Types of Turtles

Turtles are beautiful reptile creatures that come under the order Testudines. Found across the world, these reptiles differ from rest of the type due to the presence of shells on their back.

Tortoises or turtles do not hibernate. They live in the sea and come to the sand to dig holes and lay their eggs. Different types of turtles are found in both dry land and water bodies. You can also get to see aquatic turtles that line mainly in water, but are also seen on land.

A pet owner who wishes to buy a turtle must acquire sufficient information about the different species of turtles. For this, it is essential to conduct a proper research to learn about different types of turtles, about turtle care and to get the desired type as per your need.

To distinguish between the different types of turtles and to learn the techniques to look after turtles, try to distinguish between the numerous varieties of turtles.

Basically, the different varieties of turtles are classified as per the type of their shells and their primary habitat. A formal classification of turtles is based on a properly developed organizing system. Turtles are normally divided into two sub-orders, namely: Cryptodira and Pleurodira which are based on their neck characteristics.

The suborder pleurodira is the smaller variety which is also referred as side necked turtle. As the name suggests, neck of this turtle can easily move horizontally as it is located on the side of the shell to protect the animal. Further, pleurodira is divided into three families, namely chelidae, pelomedusidae and podocnemidae.

The chelidae is found in Australia and New Guinea, pelomedusidae variety is found in sub-saharan Africa and Madagascar and the podocnemidae turtle is found in northern South America and Madagascar. To enjoy the beauty of these varieties, you need to visit their remote locations and witness them in their habitat.

Out of the other varieties of turtles, cryptodira is also one of the popular breeds. It is known for its hidden neck that moves in vertical direction and goes into the shell whenever it finds something amusing in order to protect itself. Apart from this, this variety of turtle possesses around eleven breeds. These are: carettochelyidae (pig-nose turtles), cheloniidae - (sea turtles), chelydridae - (snapping turtles), dermatemydidae - (river turtles), dermochelyidae - (leatherback turtles), emydidae - (pond turtles), geoemydidae - (eurasian freshwater turtles), kinosternidae - (American mud and musk turtles), platysternidae - (big-headed turtles), testudinidae and trionychidae - (softshell turtles).

Other common types of turtles include the terrapins that are both carnivorous and vegetarian. These are typically found on land, but also do require water to keep them soaked. Also there are different types of water turtles like red-eared sliders, painted water turtle, etc. Apart from this type, there are florida cooters, mud turtles, north American wood turtle, peninsula cooter, red-eared sliders, etc.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Types Of Rabbits Around The World

Rabbit breeds are beautiful creatures that are domesticated by many people. There are different types of rabbits that are kept as pets across the world by many pet owners. However, before making a decision to select a particular breed, it is essential to have sufficient information about various rabbit types and pet care related things.

Keep in mind that the different varieties of rabbits are usually created by means of selective breeding or through natural selection method. These are small sized mammals that come in family Leporidae and falls in the order Lagomorpha.

Basically, the male is termed as a buck whereas the female is called a doe. On the other hand, a young rabbit is referred as a kitten or kit. These creatures are found across the world and come in around eight different genera. Moreover, there are other species of rabbits as well that comprise the order Lagomorpha. For example: the ‘pikas’ and the ‘hares’. You can also take the help of breeds that are recognized by American Rabbit Breeders' Association (ARBA) or British Rabbit Council (The BRC). These organizations perform the task of visiting the exhibitions where different varieties of rabbits are displayed.

Most of the rabbit breeds exhibit unique characteristics and signs. You can easily recognize them from their physical appearance. For example, the Angora rabbit displays long and wooly hair which is somewhat similar to the Angora cat. On the other hand, the Rex rabbit exhibits short hair and soft velvet-like fur and the Dutch rabbit shows an exclusive color pattern similar to panda bear.

Having appropriate knowledge of different types of rabbits help pet owners where many breeds make great pets. However, it is important to consider factors like your financial capacity and the nature of different rabbit types that will suit your needs.

Selection of rabbit breed also involves factors like the size and weight of the animal. You should give proper attention to the individual personality of a particular rabbit breed before making the final decision. Handling a huge sized animal becomes a difficult task. If you are looking for a tiny creature, make a proper survey to get information about the availability of such kinds of rabbit breeds.

It is always a fun to watch the behavior of rabbits. Some breeds are relaxed while some are more curious and excitable creatures. Let them relax in their community, underground burrows, or rabbit holes as it ensures their proper and wholesome development.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Puffer Fish Care

Puffer fish care has to be properly maintained by the pet owners who keep them as pets. In fact, it is an important activity that ensures their longevity and general well-being.

Many people who like to keep fish pets put puffer fishes in their aquariums or fish tanks. These are the incredible creatures that enhance your living rooms and add cheerfulness in the surrounding. It is fun to observe their movements. However, they too need proper fish care measures and timely attention.

Puffer fishes are the tiny creatures that are famous for their puppy-dog like eyes. They make cute faces which look beautiful to the observer. These creatures have very specific needs that are must to survive in the aquarium environment. Make use of fish care tips to increase their life.

Whenever you make a decision to buy a puffer fish, choose a healthy puffer from the available lot. Make a good research on the different colored puffer fishes to get an idea about them. Try to look for the active fishes that exhibit bright and vibrant colors. Make sure that the puffer fish does not have ragged edges.

Always try to keep a check on your fish aquarium temperature and its overall pH level. Make sufficient arrangement by keeping sufficient space in the fish tank to enable them easy movements and allow them to hide behind the corals, pebbles or the aquatic plants. You can even put sand on the bottom of the fish tank.

To feed the puffer fish, you require a mixture of frozen and live products. For example, you can feed them with bloodworms, earthworms, squid, crabs, mussels, etc. As the puffer fishes have teeth, they can easily trim and chew such kind of food. To get the food close to the puffer fish in the aquarium, make use of fish tank tongs. This tool proves helpful to stop other fishes in the tank from receiving the food first.

Bear in mind that puffer fish has the tendency to eat other fishes in the aquarium. Similarly, extremely aggressive fish may try to eat the puffer fish. Hence, it is advised to pay proper attention before choosing other varieties of fishes to keep together with your puffer fish.

Proper puffer fish care is possible by maintaining an appropriate filtration system. Keep the fish tank clean and periodically change the water to ensure sufficient dissolved oxygen inside the fish tank.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Pet Day Care Services And Rates

Pet day care services and rates differ as per the breed of the animal. Most of the times, the rates are determined on an individual basis. You can opt for the best pet day care service as per your pet’s requirements and get the appropriate rates for the services.

To get the pet care services as per your needs and the sensible rates, contact the near most pet day care center. Bear in mind that the rates are likely to differ from city to city and as per the kind of service that you avail.

Across the world, various pet day care centers provide all the necessary services to groom different kinds of pet animals and birds. These assist you and provide the best care to ensure the well-being of your pet and increase the longevity of the creature.

To begin with, make sure about the kind of service that you exactly require for your beloved pets. As safety is the first priority, you can get the timely and update vaccinations to maintain the general growth and development of your pets.

The pet owners can also benefit from ‘daycare’ services. Herein, the pets are provided a spacious place with water to play, to exercise and indulge in all kinds of fun-related activities. This keeps them full of action and proves helpful in the overall growth of the pets.

If you are a working individual and do not have anybody at your home to look after your pet, then you can simply opt for the ‘pet sitting services’. Also, when you go out of town for a short period, you may require the assistance of a ‘hotel service’. The pet day care centers offer the service and the people over there look after your pets and take good care of them in your absence.

Pet care related services like pet grooming & teeth cleaning are not easy to manage by self. It involves specialized methods which are not easy for everybody. Get registered with the pet day care centers to get the best ‘pet grooming services’ as they assure the assistance of experienced professionals who can be hired on prior appointment. These facilities come for specific rates that can be negotiated if you avail the service frequently and become a regular customer.

Consider various factors that decide the parameters of variation in the rates of pet day care services. Before availing any particular service, consider factors like overnight in home stay services, additional company along with your pet, boarding at resort, cage-less boarding, holiday fees, transportation charge, if any, etc. You can avail these services for 24 hours or more and are subjected to pay the rates accordingly.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Latest Fish Breeds For Your Aquarium

The latest fish breeds for your aquarium adds color and beauty to your fish tank. It feels good to see a variety of beautiful fish combination's in a tank that you can ideally place around some corner of your living room.

It is amusing to watch varieties of fish make faces and play games. Various fresh water fish breeds are easily available that can be utilized to decorate your aquarium. It is possible to get wide range of beautiful fishes that can easily live in fresh water.

Fish breeds need special care as they are highly interactive. It is the duty of their owners to keep the surroundings happy and the aquarium water regularly clean. Some of the varieties are accustomed to salt water while a few easily adopt fresh water. You should maintain a healthy and pleasant freshwater fish aquarium to keep them active.

The method to deal with the different fish breeds is more or less similar. It needs skill to handle these delicate creatures. Normally you can have a right biotope, appropriate plants and right aquatic fish for your aquarium fish care.

How to select a right fish for your aquarium?

For the beginners, it is helpful to conduct a research to see the availability of fishes. Things like needs, requirements and compatibility between the fish breeds placed in the fish tank have to be considered.

Lots of valuable information is available online that gives illustration about fishes by videos and images. Factors like temperature, size and water conditions have to be keeping in mind before buying any particular fish breed.

Mostly preferred fish breeds:

Usually there is a range of tetra fish that are better options for aquariums. For example Paracheirodon Axelrodi is a commonly preferred variety across the world. It grows up to ¼” and has red colored gills.

Tropical fishes are also famous for their utility and entertainment ability. Besides this, you can have African Cichlids, Barbs, Livebearers, Synodontis Catfish, Loaches, Cichlids, Tetras, Mailed Catfish, Labyrinthfish and Rainbow fish.

Points to remember to maintain a fish aquarium:

  • Different species of fish tolerate water temperatures ranging from freezing to over 100°F
  • Basically there are two types: Saltwater and freshwater. But some are physiologically adapted to both.
  • Some varieties of fish breeds live in close groups called a ‘schools’ while some live lonely and come together only for feeding and spawning
  • Fish breeds are classified as: Carnivorous, herbivorous, or omnivorous while some are scavengers. Accordingly they are to be selected for fish tank.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Which Human Food to Avoid Feeding your Pets

Lots of pets simply cannot handle the same foods that are consumed by human beings. Thus, appropriate pet care is very important for the pet owners to maintain long term association with the pets.

Most of the pet owners do not give adequate consideration to proper pet care. They presume that it is okay if they give snacks to their pets to eat. But it is not so. In fact, it has been found in many cases that any kind of human food is not fit for the pet’s consumption. Majority of the foods contain high contents of fats and oils. Prolonged consumption of such kind of food stuff may make the pets sick and unhealthy.

A variety of pet care related useful information is easily available through various sources. They help to categorize the food stuff as what to feed the pets and what not. Pet owners can wisely consider the various human food stuffs that are not suitable to the pets.

The most common human foods that are harmful for pets are as under

  • Chocolate, coffee, caffeine
  • Alcohol and aerated drinks
  • Raw or undercooked meat, eggs and bones
  • Onions and garlic
  • Tobacco
  • Sugary foods
  • Mushrooms
  • Other food stuffs like salt, milk, yeast, tomato leaves and stems, broccoli, raisins, grapes, etc
Usually, pet care clinics supply food for pets. Top veterinarians also suggest the appropriate diet plans for a variety of pet creatures. Pet owners can seek the proper food stuff to suit the needs and requirements of their pets.

There are certain human foods that cause only mild digestive illnesses in pets. In such cases, it is recommended to keep the pet away from any sort of harmful foods to ensure health and safety. Besides, timely guidance from pet care professionals also proves valuable.

Most of the time the cause is not understood initially when the pets fall ill. Frequent increase in pet’s illness leads the pet owners to take prompt measures. When diagnosed, the veterinary professional notices food-related illnesses and highlights the importance of proper pet care. Thus, it is very important to understand that human food consumption by animals is not always good.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What to do when your pet lost appetite

If you have a pet dog that you had adopted long before as your puppy, it is very disturbing if it does not eat properly. Dogs do not eat due to several reasons. You have to know the reason for the lack of appetite in your dog to decide the accurate treatment. The loss of appetite may be the symptoms of any underlying severe diseases. Therefore, you have to find out the reason and give proper treatment.

What to do when your pet lost appetite, is the question you may ask umpteen times. Here are many ways to solve this problem.

• Providing proper diet, plenty of water, natural supplement and lots of exercise are the best ways to solve the problem of less appetite in your dog.

• Make a change in the diet of your pet dog is another pet care tip. A slight change in the diet once in a while does not create any problem to your dog. If the dog eats new food, it is healthy.

• Dogs like warm food with good smell. So always try to give food with warm and fragrant food

• The package diet may not provide proper amount of necessary nutrients to your dog. As nutrients are very essential for the optimal functioning of the body, you should be sure to give it the natural supplements

• The food should be free from all toxins and contain the essential nutrients.

• Adding some flavor to the dog food is good to increase appetite. Garlic can add flavor. But remember to apply in small quantity.

• The surroundings, at the time of eating have an important role in decreasing the appetite. Some dogs feel uncomfortable to hear loud noise and see strange people during their eating time. So try to serve food when the dog is calm and in its comfort zone.

• Aromatherapy is a good suggestion to increase appetite to your pet. Rose and vetiver oils can stimulate appetite. Put a drop of oil on the bandana and tie around the neck of your dog until it feels hungry. But these oils are very sensitive and so try not to get it to the skin.

If you find that any of these methods cannot solve the problem of your dog, it may suffer from some other diseases that require treatment. In that case, do not be late to consult a good veterinarian.