Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Types of Turtles

Turtles are beautiful reptile creatures that come under the order Testudines. Found across the world, these reptiles differ from rest of the type due to the presence of shells on their back.

Tortoises or turtles do not hibernate. They live in the sea and come to the sand to dig holes and lay their eggs. Different types of turtles are found in both dry land and water bodies. You can also get to see aquatic turtles that line mainly in water, but are also seen on land.

A pet owner who wishes to buy a turtle must acquire sufficient information about the different species of turtles. For this, it is essential to conduct a proper research to learn about different types of turtles, about turtle care and to get the desired type as per your need.

To distinguish between the different types of turtles and to learn the techniques to look after turtles, try to distinguish between the numerous varieties of turtles.

Basically, the different varieties of turtles are classified as per the type of their shells and their primary habitat. A formal classification of turtles is based on a properly developed organizing system. Turtles are normally divided into two sub-orders, namely: Cryptodira and Pleurodira which are based on their neck characteristics.

The suborder pleurodira is the smaller variety which is also referred as side necked turtle. As the name suggests, neck of this turtle can easily move horizontally as it is located on the side of the shell to protect the animal. Further, pleurodira is divided into three families, namely chelidae, pelomedusidae and podocnemidae.

The chelidae is found in Australia and New Guinea, pelomedusidae variety is found in sub-saharan Africa and Madagascar and the podocnemidae turtle is found in northern South America and Madagascar. To enjoy the beauty of these varieties, you need to visit their remote locations and witness them in their habitat.

Out of the other varieties of turtles, cryptodira is also one of the popular breeds. It is known for its hidden neck that moves in vertical direction and goes into the shell whenever it finds something amusing in order to protect itself. Apart from this, this variety of turtle possesses around eleven breeds. These are: carettochelyidae (pig-nose turtles), cheloniidae - (sea turtles), chelydridae - (snapping turtles), dermatemydidae - (river turtles), dermochelyidae - (leatherback turtles), emydidae - (pond turtles), geoemydidae - (eurasian freshwater turtles), kinosternidae - (American mud and musk turtles), platysternidae - (big-headed turtles), testudinidae and trionychidae - (softshell turtles).

Other common types of turtles include the terrapins that are both carnivorous and vegetarian. These are typically found on land, but also do require water to keep them soaked. Also there are different types of water turtles like red-eared sliders, painted water turtle, etc. Apart from this type, there are florida cooters, mud turtles, north American wood turtle, peninsula cooter, red-eared sliders, etc.